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  • Origins
  • - how did the name CHRIMES and it variants originate?
  • Distribution
  • - where were the CHRIMESs, CRIMESs, CHRYMESs and CRYMESs established?
    - where are they now?
  • Data
  • - lists of people born with the name CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES and CRYMES
    - Branch Charts
    - Searchable database
  • Stories
  • - carefully researched stories, less formal observations and conjecture surrounding the name CHRIMES and its variants
  • Photographs
  • - photographs of people named CHRIMES, CRIMES and CRYMES
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*1950 United States Census
269 records added to the database for CHRIMES, CRIMES and CRYMES
*1921 Census of England and Wales
A total of 491 records added to the database for CHRIMES and CRIMES covering all UK branches
*New Story - Artefacts and Entities
- the things we've left for others to find
*DNA Testing
- can it answer the big questions?