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Progress Report - 2018

The website was closed down in August 2017, following concerns about security and about the workload involved in maintaining the site. After a year off-line, the website was re-launched in October 2018 with the name This new name, though cumbersome, gives equal emphasis to each variant surname. It remains to be seen whether internet search engines will find this new website, but I am hopeful that they will in time.
The new website uses a secure connection throughout ("https") and the previous Registered User facility has been completely re-designed to use Usernames and Passwords. It is hoped that Registered Users will tolerate this addition burden for the sake of improved data security. Other security measures are in place and security of the data relating to living people will continue to be reviewed.

Whilst the website was off-line, research has continued. Despite the pessimism of the previous report, there has in fact been success in merging 2 branches into others, reducing the total number of branches to 14. The branches which no longer appear independently are "Chester and Crewe" and "Shropshire".
There are six branches which currently do not seem to originate in Cheshire, but there is circumstantial and other evidence to suggest that they do. In some cases other researchers have used this to make connections back to Cheshire, but I take a cautious approach and do not yet have the confidence to make these connections. Efforts will continue, to show that all people named CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMES are descended from people born in Cheshire.

As stated in the last report, I estimate that the database now contains 95% of the CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMES who have ever lived. The people who are still missing from the database are mainly:

Because of the absence of online records, these people cannot be found without further contributions from the website users.

The "Stories" and "Photographs" sections of the website will continue to be developed.
There is a lack of photographs of CRYMES and CRIMES at the moment which is unfortunate.

It is worth repeating my assessment, from the 2015 report, of the possible extinction of the four variant names.
The CRYMES surname, though expired in the UK many years ago, appears to be thriving in the US. In the UK there is a trend away from automatically giving a child the surname of the father. Parents appear to choose whichever of their surnames is 'best' for the child, in which case 'unusual' surnames such as CHRIMES or CRIMES are likely to lose out. So, although children are still being born to CHRIMES and CRIMES parents, those children do not necessarily take that surname.
My overall assessment is:

Ironically, I can foresee a time when the CRYMES surname - the first variant - becomes the only surviving variant!

Can you help? Your comments on this report or any other matters will be most welcome.
David Chrimes - 10 October 2018

Revised July 2022 - Textual changes only
Revised August 2023 - 'Extinction' assessment

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