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How many people named CRYMES, CHRYMES, CRIMES and CHRIMES have there been throughout the world?
How many are there now?
Where are they now?

How many?

Very approximately, there have been a total of less than 2,000 people named CHRIMES, a similar number of CRIMES, less than 1,000 CRYMES and less than 100 CHRYMES.

How many now?

It is an objective of this website to identify - and thereby count - all of the people named CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMES who are alive today. Until that objective is reached, we can try to estimate the numbers, starting with those alive in the UK today. Two methods of approximation are suggested here. Both methods use the name CHRIMES as a example, but are equally applicable to other names:

Approximate though these figures are, the agreement between the two methods gives us some confidence in them.

The following table gives the UK FPM for CRYMES, CHRYMES, CRIMES and CHRIMES. I have added some other surnames, for comparison, and to illustrate just how rare these surnames are:


What about the rest of the world?

The worldwide distribution of the four variant names CRYMES, CHRYMES, CRIMES and CHRIMES differs considerably. See the associated story elsewhere on this website. The simplified summary is that there are no CHRYMES remaining anywhere in the world, there are just a few CRIMES in United States and Australia, there are a large number of CRYMES in United States and there are a large number of CHRIMES distributed across Australia and United States.

The WorldNames website gives the following table of Top Regions of the World for the surname CHRIMES:

North West UK32.07 FPM
West Midlands UK17.51 FPM
East Midlands UK6.69 FPM
Yorkshire UK4.64 FPM
Wales UK5.45 FPM
New Hampshire, USA4.44 FPM
South West UK3.88 FPM
Northern Ireland UK3.41 FPM
Ontario, Canada3.16 FPM

The distribution of the CRYMES surname across the United States is as follows:

Arkansas22.53 FPM
Louisiana15.17 FPM
South Carolina13.29 FPM
Georgia11.94 FPM
Texas11.65 FPM
Oregon10.2 FPM
Alabama8.24 FPM
Tennessee6.79 FPM
District of Columbia5.23 FPM
Virginia4.8 FPM

Unfortunately the WorldNames website does not cover Australia, where there are several CHRIMES families.

Origins of the non-UK people

As with the distribution within the UK, we need to be aware of alternatives to simple emigration:

Can you help? Do you have any information on specific emigrations?
Distribution by Country

For more details of the CHRIMES, CRIMES and CRYMES within particular countries, see:

There are a small number of people in other countries, notably CRIMES in South Africa.

Placenames in historical records - should we trust them?

The placename associated with a birth, marriage or death record is usually the place of registration and not the place where the event occurred. If the people whose event is recorded lived in a town, then the place name given on the record will probably tell us where they lived. But if, as with so many of the CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMESs, the people lived in rural locations, their births, marriages and deaths will have been registered possibly many miles away in a town which has a register office. This town may not be the nearest, most obvious one, due to the strange boundaries of some registration districts.
This pitfall is not restricted to the post-1837 registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Another problem arises when interpreting Parish Records: Not every village had its own church or chapel before 1850. Many small villages were part of a large parish, with a single church serving them all. Most Parish Records do not give information on the residence of the people concerned, so it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusion as to their place of residence.
Some examples which relate to the CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMESs:

If you are content to know simply that your ancestor "lived in Cheshire" then these fine details will not bother you, but in order to track the movements of the CRYMES/CHRYMES/CRIMES/CHRIMES surnames and thus to explain their distribution we need to know more exactly where they lived - and finding out is not so easy!

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