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This website attempts to strike an acceptable balance between the desire to help visitors who are seeking information, and the need to protect people's privacy.

All of the information on this website is either:

Information derived from historical records Where information is displayed on this website which has been derived from historical record sources, there are two levels of disclosure, intended to give protection to living individuals:

If the person accessing this website is a Registered User then the full researched information for all individuals is displayed.

Access to the full research The website author will make available the full content of his research to any person who requests it, provided that the website author is convinced that the requester is carrying out genuine personal research. The research content will be supplied separate from this website.

Information submitted to this website by visitors Any email address or other unique contact information submitted by a visitor to this website will be kept secure and will not be made available to any other person or organisation without the originator's prior permission.

Requests for removal of data All requests for removal of data from the website will be honoured, even where the data is "in the public domain".

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