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This interactive online database facility allows you to enter search parameters, such as Forename or Year of Birth, which are then used to obtain results from the online database. All of the matches are displayed and you then have the option of moving around the database using links to other people.

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Branch Charts

These indented text charts show the CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES or CRYMES descendants of a particular individual.
The ancestors of the particular individual (head of the branch) are not currently known.
The names given to the branches have no formal meaning and are applied simply to distinguish the branches in a memorable way.
Click on the branch name to see the branch chart.

ChesterWilliam CRIMES b.1757062000
CrowtonWilliam CRIMES b.abt.168524818000
Great BudworthJohn CHRIMES b.abt.16407830110
HaltonJeremia CRYMES b.abt.165596289170
NorleyJohn CHRIMES b.abt.173040918002
OllertonRobert CRIMES b.abt.16904394000
SheffieldJohn CRIMES b.17561257000
StaffordshireSamuel CRIMES b.178415015000
TarvinRichard CRIMES b.abt.1705175553000
TennesseeBurnell STUART b.1819000920
VirginiaUnknownM CRYMES b.abt.14750198470
Warrington1Richard CRIMES b.abt.16752827500
Warrington5John CHRIMES b.abt.1785611001
WeaverhamRichard CRYMES b.abt.154015026613573
Total numberfor all branches166517111798276

Limitations in the presentation of data The data presented here is derived from ongoing research carried out by myself. I am keen for all legitimate private researchers and people associated with the names CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES or CRYMES to have access to it. The reality however is that access is subject to limitations, which are imposed by technology, by copyright and by the need to protect privacy. The resultant data access options are rather complicated, and the Branch Charts and Database Search sections are subject to an optional Registered User Facility. Development of this website will continue to explore alternative ways of presenting data.

David Chrimes

How the data is managed

How the data is stored
At the heart of the data collection process is a Windows-based genealogy software application and associated media folder which together encapsulate all of the research. I had originally used a proprietary software application called Family Tree Maker, but found that it was unable to handle the large numbers of records without introducing significant corruption of the data. Having "lost faith" in proprietary products I decided to write my own software application, based on the GEDCOM standard. This bespoke software has been used successfully since June 2014. It has the added advantage that the GEDCOM ".ged" file can be read by all proprietary genealogy software applications without being tied to any. Currently (August 2016) the data covers 8,067 individuals, the GEDCOM file is 9.5 MBytes and the media folder which contains 5,892 files is 6.2 GBytes.

How the data is made available on this website
The processes of converting the GEDCOM file for use in the online database, copying it to the database and displaying search results to the website user are complex, involving the use of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft, csv files, FTP, HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. The website does not use client-side processing such as JavaScript.

Ranking of the website in Internet Searches
Google and other Internet Search Engines will often include this website near the top of their search results. There has been no additional expenditure incurred in improving the ranking. Unfortunately searching for the name CRIMES creates mainly irrelevant search results.

Sources of data
Data has been obtained from two types of source:

Source Citations
In accordance with current genealogical practice, my GEDCOM research file cites a source for 99% of facts. Where no source is known, my notes make this clear. In my GEDCOM research file, many thousands of source citations link to image files allowing facts to be verified, but increasingly I cite online resources which need to be searched in order to verify facts. Source citations do not currently appear in the website database.

Analysis of Datasets
I have tried to extract data from original (not transcribed) sources where possible. For instance, I have personally read every relevant page of the UK births, marriages and deaths indices (1837-1983) original documents online, to be sure that every CHRIMES and CRIMES of UK have been found. The existing online databases have inevitable transcription errors and omissions. I have, for instance, found at least 20 CHRIMESs (UK) who do not appear on any transcribed online database.

Interpretation of data
There are many instances where family interconnections have been based on presumptions and probability using age, location and elimination. Where there is uncertainty about these interconnections, reference is made to them in the notes.

Unconnected Individuals
It has not been possible to connect every CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES or CRYMES with their parents. There are several reasons for this, including:

This inability to connect people leads to ....

...Duplication of Individuals
My GEDCOM research file, and the website database, contain more CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES and CRYMES than there actually are, as many people occur twice, without the information being available to link them. Clearly the research is far from complete, and one of my objectives in creating this website is to seek information from readers who may be able to connect some of the unconnected people.

David Chrimes

People who cannot be placed onto Branch Charts

There are numerous unconnected people in this research, whose parents are not known.
There are two categories of unconnected people:

Click here to see the current list of unconnected males whose names are known, but their parents are not known. These people appear in one or more records, but the research has been unable to establish who their parents were. Many of the people at the head of branch charts appear on this list because, by definition, the parents of the head of a branch are not known, or he would not be the head of the branch!
Click here to see the current list of unconnected males for whom neither their forenames nor their parents are known. These people are the fathers of children whose births appear in records mainly in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Can you help? Do you have any information which will help to identify the parents of these people? If we can identify the parents of these people, then they can be moved off these unconnected lists and placed on the appropriate branch chart.
My hope is that over time there are less unconnected people, more people on branch charts and, by connecting the branches, less (but bigger) branch charts.