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Birth: 1807 Weaverham, Cheshire, England
Spouse:William CHRIMES
Marriage:13 Sep 1830 St. Mary, Weaverham, Cheshire, England
Children:Elizabeth, George, Mary, Esther, Male, Samuel, Joseph, Margaret, William
Residence:1841 Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, Cheshire, England
Residence:1851 Crowton, Cheshire, England
Residence:1861 Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, Cheshire, England
Residence:1871 Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, Cheshire, England
Death:Jul 1876 Crowton, Cheshire, England Burial:16 Jul 1876 Christ Church, Crowton, Cheshire, England
Country of last known residence:England Branch:Crowton
From The Northwich Guardian of 6 May 1871: "NORTHWICH BOARD OF GUARDIANS - A DISPUTE Mr. S. Moreton said he had been requested to bring before the Board a case of dispute between the relieving officer and some men who had been summoned in respect of arrears for the support of their mother...the case referred to four brothers named Crimes, upon whom an order of 6d. a week was made three years ago for the support of their mother, who was a widow living in Crowton. A few weeks ago the relieving officer (Mr. A. Arrowsmith) found that two of these men - George and Samuel - were behind with their payments, and on that report the committee ordered proceedings to be taken against them for arrears....George Crimes had put into his (Mr. Bankes's) hands a number of receipts which covered three years, and he could not himself see that there was sixpence wrong anywhere.... On the 20th February 1868 the woman Emma Crimes became chargeable to the Union.... The magistrates made an order of 9d. a week on George, he being in delicate health, and Samuel was ordered to pay 1s.a week..... The chairman... was strongly of the opinion that the matter should be referred to the Finance Committee..."