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Name:William CHRIMES
Birth: 1873 Victoria, Australia
Father:Henry CHRIMES Mother:Catherine RYAN
Spouse:Amelia Elizabeth LANG
Marriage:1898 Victoria, Australia
Children:William, Charles Henry, Albert Clarence, Bertha Annie, William Leslie
Residence:1906 165 Ross St., Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation:1906 Hawker
Death: 1935 Kew, Victoria, Australia
Country of last known residence:Australia Branch:Crowton
William's birth was not recorded, but his death record gives his year of birth and the names of both parents.
William's marriage record is in the name Hy Wm.
From The Argos Melbourne of 10 June 1901: "CASE AT PORT MELBOURNE Senior-constable Whealon, of the North Port Melbourne police station, was called to the house of a man named William Chrimes, of Ross-street, when it was found that he had attempted to cut his throat with a razor. The man was locked up, and on Saturday morning was remanded by Messrs. Francis and Burroughs, J.P.'s, till Thursday morning for medical treatment."
A separate newspaper report of attempted suicide in 1914 may apply.
From The Standard (Port Melbourne) of 30 August 1913: "Beach Nuisance - William Chrimes, a middle aged man, who described himself as a fish hawker and dealer, residing at York street, South Melbourne, was presented before Mr. Hester, J.P., on Wednesday, charged with being drunk and disorderly. Constable Morris said Chrimes was in a very deplorable condition near the Yacht Club house on the previous afternoon, in the presence of visitors and children. Chrimes said if given a chance he would sign the pledge for the rest of his life. Mr. Hester asked if he was a stranger to the courts. Ser-Nugent [?] then read out a long list of 'priors,' which were admitted. A fine of 10/-, or three days, was imposed."
From The Standard (Port Melbourne) of 6 September 1913: "SUPPORT INADEQUATE - MOTHER-IN-LAW'S QUERY - William Henry Chrimes, middle aged, describing himself as a fisher man, was charged on Thursday with leaving his three children - Charles Henry, Albert Clarence and Bertha Annie - without adequate means of support. Mary Ann Lang, of 56 Spring street, defendant's mother-in-law, said she was sometimes paid 10/-, but not sufficient to maintain the children committed to her care. Defendant's wife had been dead seven years. Defendant said he was agreeable to paying 15/- a week, but wanted to see the children when he desired: Mr. Armstrong, J P : Don't you allow him to see the children? Mrs. Lang: Yes; when he's sober. Mr. Armstrong: Does he drink? Mrs. Lang : Yes. (Confidently): 'You are more drunk than anything else, ain't you, Bill?' Defendant modestly denied the soft impeachment. An order was made for 15/- weekly, defendant being required to find one surety of £20 for its due fulfilment."